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We're a creative design consultancy helping companies integrate innovative design with technical expertise to bring commercial success.


We combine creative flair with cutting edge technology to ensure the finished product lives up to your aspirations and exceeds your customers’ expectations.


Working closely with our clients at all stages of the design process we have a depth of experience that allows us to bring you better ideas, better solutions and better products.

Rogue Product

Industrial Design

Creating objects of desire is what we do. Looking good on the outside is important but even more so is how those first impressions translate into lasting product satisfaction for your customers.


Rogue Product specialise in making your products look fantastic but we also understand that it is the total product experience that will ensure the continued success of your brand.


For example, working with partners in America we have designed a number of products for the gaming community including the EA Active 2 heart rate monitor for use with Xbox, Playstation and Wii consoles.


More recently we worked with Oculus VR on their successful Kickstarter campaign to develop a revolutionary new Virtual reality headset.  The campaign had one of the fastest uptakes in Kickstarter history, culminating in a final investment figure of about 2.5m US$.  

Rogue Product offer a turnkey project management service for clients who prefer their new product development process taken care of by a professional external agency.


We are able to add value at all stages of the design process and are happy to help with a single step or the complete project.  From concept generation to full production our aim is to provide a personal, flexible service tailored precisely to your needs.


Bringing together external professional services we take care of intellectual property protection, global safety testing, factory identification and liaison to production, packaging and fulfillment.




Project Management

An integral part of the product design process is modelmaking and prototyping. A quick mock-up can prove or disprove a concept at a very early stage and a fully functioning prototype is vital to check functionality and appearance of a design prior to tooling.


Rogue Product have many years of experience producing models and prototypes from the simplest foam appearance models to the highest quality presentation prototypes utilising the full range of rapid prototyping technologies available today.




Rogue Product produce computer generated visuals to the highest level of photorealism, suitable for use in brochures, product literature and advertising.


The images are almost impossible to distinguish from the real thing and sometimes are even better! We start by producing highly detailed 3D computer models and then render them to extremely high levels of realism.  We can also incorporate these images into background photographs to create incredible photomontages.



Computer Visualisation


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